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AQA A-level Psychology Book 1


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Equip your students with the knowledge and the skills that they need for the new AQA Psychology AS and A-level; guidance on assessment objectives, activities and clear, comprehensive coverage consolidates understanding and develops key skills to ensure progression

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Social psychology: social influences
    • 1.1: Types of conformity
    • 1.2: Explanations for conformity
    • 1.3: Variables affecting conformity
    • 1.4: Conformity to social roles
    • 1.5: Obedience and the work of Milgram
    • 1.6: Explanations for obedience
    • 1.7: Situational variables affecting obedience
    • 1.8: Explanations of resistance to social influence
    • 1.9: Minority influence
    • 1.10: The role of social influence processes in social change
  • Chapter 2: Cognitive psychology: memory
    • 2.1: The multi-store model (MSM)
    • 2.2: The working memory model (WMM)
    • 2.3: Types of long-term memory
    • 2.4: Explanations for forgetting
    • 2.5: Factors affecting the accuracy of eye-witness testimony (EWT)
    • 2.6: Improving the accuracy of eye-witness testimony
  • Chapter 3: Developmental psychology: attachment
    • 3.1: Caregiver-infant interactions in humans
    • 3.2: Animal studies of attachment
    • 3.3: Explanations of attachment
    • 3.4: Ainsworth's 'Strange situation'
    • 3.5: Bowlby's maternal deprivation hypothesis (MDH) (1951)
    • 3.6: The influence of early attachment on childhood and adult relationships
  • Chapter 4: Individual differences: psychopathology
    • 4.1: Definitions of abnormality
    • 4.2: Characteristics of phobias, depression and OCD
    • 4.3: The behavioural approach to explaining and treating phobias
    • 4.4: The cognitive approach to explaining and treating depression
    • 4.5: The biological approach to explaining and treating OCD
  • Chapter 5: Approaches for AS Psychology
    • 5.1: Origins of psychology: Wundt, introspection and the emergence of psychology as a science
    • 5.2: The biological approach
    • 5.3: Learning approaches
    • 5.4: The cognitive approach
  • Chapter 6: Biopsychology for AS and A-level
    • 6.1: The influence of biological structures on behaviour: the divisions of the nervous system
    • 6.2: The structure and function of sensory, relay and motor neurons
    • 6.3: The influence of neurochemistry on behaviour: the function of the endocrine system
    • 6.4: The fight-or-flight response including the role of adrenaline
    • 6.5: Localisation of function in the brain
    • 6.6: Ways of studying the brain
    • 6.7: Biological rhythms
  • Chapter 7: Research methods for AS and A Level
    • 7.1: Research methods
    • 7.2: Scientific processes
    • 7.3: Data handling and analysis
    • 7.4: Inferential testing

About the Author

Jean-Marc Lawton is a senior examiner for a major awarding body, and has been teaching Psychology for over 20 years. He has written several revision and unit guides, as well as a textbook for the IB diploma, and makes regular contributions to 'Psychology Review'. Jean-Marc also delivers revision conferences and teacher support sessions on both AS and A2 Psychology units. Eleanor Willard has been teaching Psychology for many years. She has written a number of resources for A Level Psychology.


Let me celebrate how good the new AS AQA text book is for Psychology. It's really propelling learning with great assessment checks and 'strengthening your learning' exercises, and students find it fairly easy to read. -- Ian Thompson, Ho Psychology at Larne Grammar * Abigail Lambert *

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