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The Data Model Resource Book, Volume 2


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Foreword xiii Acknowledgments xv About the Author xvii Chapter 1 Introduction 1 Why is There a Need for This Book? 1 To Integrate or Disintegrate? That is the Question 2 Approach of This Book 4 Who is the Intended Audience for This Book? 5 General Industry Models versus More Specific Industry Models 5 Industry Data Models versus Data Model Applications 7 The Volume 2 Models: Customized and New Models for Each Industry 8 Conventions and Standards Used in This Book 8 Entities 8 Subtypes and Supertypes 15 Non-Mutually Exclusive Sets of Subtypes 16 Attributes 17 Relationships 18 Relationship Optionality 18 Relationship Cardinality 19 Foreign Key Relationships 20 Foreign Key Inheritance 20 Intersection or Association Entities to Handle Many-to Many Relationships 21 Exclusive Arcs 22 Recursive Relationships 22 Physical Models 23 Conventions Used for Illustration Tables 24 Conventions Used to Reference Figures 25 The Data Model Resource Book, Volume 2, Industry Download Products 25 Chapter 2 Manufacturing 27 People and Organizations in Manufacturing 31 Product Models in Manufacturing 33 Products and Parts 33 Design Engineering 36 Part Specifications and Documentation 36 Part Specification Roles and Status 40 Engineering Change 41 Product Bill of Material, Substitutes, and Inventory Configurations 43 Product Bill of Materials 44 Part Substitutions 46 Inventory Item Configurations 50 Other Product Models 53 Orders 54 Usage of the Order Models for Manufacturers 54 Materials Requirements Planning 56 Delivery 57 Deployment and Use of Products 58 Deployments 58 Deployment Usage 60 Inventory Ownership 62 Work Effort 63 Process Plan 63 Production Runs 65 Invoicing, Accounting, Budgeting, and Human Resources Models 67 Star Schema for Manufacturing 69 Production Run Fact 70 Dimensions 71 Variation of Product Run Data Mart 72 Manufacturing Summary 73 Chapter 3 Telecommunications 75 People and Organizations in Telecommunications 80 Generic Person and Organization Roles from Volume 1 80 Party Roles and Relationships for Telecommunications 80 Example of Party Roles and Relationships for Telecommunications 83 Telecommunications Products 84 Telecommunications Modifications to the Generic Product Data Models 84 Telecommunications Services 86 Telecommunications Goods 88 Telecommunications Features 88 Product Feature Interaction 89 Telecommunications Product and Product Feature Example 89 Product Deployment 91 Telecommunications Product Associations 93 Network Data Models 98 Network Components 99 Network Assemblies 101 Circuits 104 Product, Circuit, and Network Assembly Capabilities 106 Communication IDs and Contact Mechanisms 109 Orders 111 Service Orders 111 Product Availability 113 Delivery 114 Deployment Usage 114 Invoicing 118 Work Effort, Accounting, and Human Resources Models 120 Star Schema for Telecommunications 121 Product Deployment Usage Fact 122 Customers 123 Deployment Usage Types and Unit of Measures Dimensions 123 Products 123 Facilities 124 Time by Hour 124 Telecommunications Summary 124 Chapter 4 Health Care 127 People and Organizations in Health Care 129 Person Roles 129 Organization Roles 132 Insured Party Roles 133 Party Relationships 134 Party Roles Example 134 Health Care Facilities and Contact Mechanisms 138 Patient, Practitioner, and Provider Information 138 Health Care Products 141 Health Care Offering Definition 141 Health Care "Orders" 144 Agreement Definition 145 Health Care Shipments and Delivery 148 Health Care Episodes, Incidents and Visits 148 Health Care Delivery 151 Health Care Claims 154 Invoice Data Models versus Claims Data Models 154 Health Care Claims Submission 156 Claim Header Information 157 Claim Codes 159 Insurance Policy Information 160 Payment Settlement 162 Health Care Referrals 164 Star Schema for Health Care 165 Health Care Summary 167 Chapter 5 Insurance 171 People and Organizations in Insurance 173 Person Roles 176 Organization Roles 178 Person or Organization Roles 179 Insurance Party Relationships 181 Insurance Product 184 Insurance Products and Categories 185 Insurance Product Coverage 188 Details behind Coverage Types and Coverage Levels 190 Insurance Product Features 194 Insurance Product Rules 196 Insurance Pricing 200 Community-Based Rating 200 Insurance Rate Tables 203 Experienced-Based Insurance Rating 206 Insurance Policies (Orders for Insurance) 206 Insurance Application 206 Insurance Quote 208 The Insurance Agreement or Insurance Policy 213 Insurance Policy Roles 214 Insurance Policy Items 216 Health Care Insurance Agreement 219 Casualty Insurance Agreement 224 Property Insurance Agreement 225 Life Insurance Agreement 226 Premium Schedule 227 Premium Invoicing and Payments 231 Policy Claims 231 Insurance Claim Incidents 232 Insurance Claims Submission 234 Claims Settlement 237 Delivery, Work Efforts, Accounting, and Human Resources for Insurance Enterprises 240 Star Schemas for Insurance 241 Analysis Information 241 Claim Star Schema 241 Fact Table 242 Dimensions 242 Insurance Summary 245 Chapter 6 Financial Services 247 People and Organizations in Financial Services 249 Generic Party Role Subtypes 252 Financial Service Party Roles 252 Financial Service Relationships 254 Financial Objectives, Needs, and Plans 257 Financial Services Products 261 Financial Services Product Definition 262 Product Categories 264 Product Feature and Functional Setting 264 Financial Product and Functional Setting 265 Features and Functional Settings for Product Categories 266 Features and Functional Settings for Products 267 Example of Predefined Financial Products with Product Features and Functional Settings 267 Financial Products That are Customized for the Specific Needs of a Customer 268 Product Category Roll-ups 272 Financial Product Regulations and Rules 273 Agreements 276 Financial Agreements 276 Agreement Subtypes and Roles 276 Asset Roles and Agreement Asset Usage 278 Agreement Status 279 Delivery 279 Financial Account 279 Account Product 280 Account Roles 282 Account Relationships 282 Media 283 Account Status 283 Account Transaction 284 Account Transaction Type 284 Account Transaction Status 286 Account Transaction Relationships 286 Account Transaction Tasks 288 Work Efforts 290 Account Notification 290 Notification Task Types 291 Invoicing and Statement Tasks 291 Marketing Tasks 293 Alert Tasks 294 Other Notification Tasks 294 Example of Account Notification Tasks 295 Analysis Task 295 Analysis Task Data Model 297 Example of Risk Analysis Task 299 Invoicing, Accounting, and Human Resources 299 Star Schemas for Financial Services 300 Analysis Information 300 Account Star Schema 300 Fact Table 302 Dimensions 302 Account Transaction Star Schema 304 Fact Table 304 Dimensions 304 Financial Services Summary 306 Chapter 7 Professional Services 309 People and Organizations in Professional Services 311 Person Roles 313 Organization Roles 314 Professional Services Roles and Relationships Examples 314 Professional Services Products 316 Professional Services Products Model 317 Applicability of Other Product Models 319 Professional Service Product Associations 321 Orders 321 Professional Services Requirements 322 Professional Services Requests and Quotes 325 Professional Services Requests 328 Professional Service Quotes (Proposals and Statements of Work) 330 Engagements 333 Types of Engagement Items 333 Engagement Rates 335 Placement versus Deliverables-Based Consulting 336 Engagement Example 336 Professional Services Agreements 338 Delivery 341 Professional Services Entries 341 Work Efforts 343 Invoicing 346 Accounting and Human Resources Management 347 Star Schema for Professional Services 348 Time Entry Fact 349 Dimensions 350 Professional Services Summary 350 Chapter 8 Travel 353 People and Organizations in Travel 355 Person Roles 357 Organization Roles 357 Party Relationships 359 Travel Preferences 362 Travel Products 364 Product Definition 364 Travel Orders (Reservations) 369 Order Models 370 Ticketing 373 Agreements 376 Travel Agreements 376 Pricing of Agreements and Products 376 Delivery (Travel Experience) 379 Invoicing 383 Work Efforts 383 Travel Programs and Travel Accounts 383 Travel Programs, Rules, and Factors 385 Travel Account Example 385 Star Schemas for Travel 386 Passenger Transportation Offering Star Schema 386 Fact Table 386 Dimensions 387 Non-Transportation Travel Product Star Schema 388 Fact Table 388 Dimensions 388 Travel Summary 389 Chapter 9 E-Commerce Models 393 People and Organizations in E-Commerce 395 E-Commerce Parties, Roles, and Relationships 397 Automated Agent Party Subtype 398 Generic Party Roles from Volume 1 399 E-Commerce Party Roles and Relationships 399 Is There Always a PARTY for a PARTY ROLE? 400 Example Data for E-Commerce Party Roles and Relationships 400 Party Contact Mechanisms in E-Commerce 402 Web Site Content and User Login Information 405 Web Site Content 405 Login Account 407 E-Commerce Products and Objects 408 Orders in E-Commerce 410 Party and Product Needs 412 Subscriptions 414 Web Visits 418 Web Hits and Web Logs 419 Web Visits Model 420 VISIT Information 422 SERVER HIT Information 422 Defining a Visit 423 Delivery, Work Efforts, Invoicing, Accounting, and Human Resources 426 Web Server Hits Star Schema 426 Server Hit Star Schema 427 Server Hit Fact 428 Visitors Dimension 428 ISPS Dimension 429 Referrers Dimension 429 Web Contents Dimension 429 User Agent Types Dimension 430 Products Dimension 430 Time by Hour Dimension 430 Web Visit Star Schema 431 E-Commerce Summary 433 Chapter 10 Using the Industry Models in the Real World 435 Using the Models to Build Transaction-Oriented Systems and Data Warehouses 436 Enterprises in Other Industries 437 Relevance of Models to Very Specific Industries 438 Diverse Enterprises Needing Models from Several Chapters 438 Setting Up Modularized Data Models for Use Across Industries 439 For More Information 439 Appendix A Entities and Attributes for Manufacturing Models 443 Entities and Attributes Listing for Manufacturing 445 Appendix B Entities and Attributes for Telecommunications Models 453 Entities and Attributes Listing for Telecommunications Models 454 Appendix C Entities and Attributes for Health Care Models 463 Entities and Attributes Listing for Health Care Models 464 Appendix D Entities and Attributes for Insurance Models 475 Entities and Attributes Listing for Insurance Models 476 Appendix E Entities and Attributes for Financial Services Models 487 Entities and Attributes Listing for Financial Services Models 488 Appendix F Entities and Attributes for Professional Services Models 497 Entities and Attributes Listing for Professional Services Models 498 Appendix G Entities and Attributes for Travel Models 507 Entities and Attributes Listing for Travel Models 508 Appendix H Entities and Attributes for E-Commerce Models 519 Entities and Attributes Listing for E-Commerce Models 520 Appendix I List of Entities and Their Associated Figures 525 Other Reusable Data Model and Data Warehouse Design Resources 541 Reusable Data Model Resources 541 Reusable Data Warehouse Design Resources 542 How to Use the Volume 2 Industry Electronic Products 543 Contents of the Industry Electronic Products 544 Using the Scripts 545 How to Use the Industry Electronic Products in Conjunction with the Data Model Resource CD-ROM, Volume 1 545 Platform-Specific and Other Information on the Electronic Products 545 Index 547

About the Author

LEN SILVERSTON (lsilverston@univdata.com) is founder and owner of Universal Data Models, LLC (www.universaldatamodels.com), a Colorado-based firm providing consulting and training for helping enterprises customize and implement "universal data models" and develop holistic, integrated systems. Mr. Silverston has over 20 years' experience in delivering data integration, database and data warehouse solutions to organizations.


"I thought the models in the books were well thought out and adequately explained." (Computer Shopper, February 2002)

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