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Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns

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Preface to the Third Edition, A Note from Electric Quilt, Introduction, Key for Locating Patterns

Pattern Category 1: One Patch
Triangles, Rectangles, Diamonds, Four-Sided Figures, Five-Sided Figures, Hexagons, Six-Sided Figures, Odd Shapes, Curves, Three-Dimensional Pieces

Pattern Category 2: Non-Square Blocks
Triangular Blocks, Rectangular Blocks, Diamond-Shaped Blocks, Hexagonal Blocks, Uneven Six-Sided Blocks, Eight-Sided Blocks, Blocks with More than Eight Sides, Wedding Ring Types

Pattern Category 3: Multi-Patch
Four-Sided Shape as a Piece, Five-Sided Shape as a Piece, Six-Sided Shape as a Piece (Even Sides), Six-Sided Shape as a Piece (Odd Sides), Eight-Sided Shape as a Piece, Curved Pieces, Three-Dimensional Pieces

Pattern Category 4: Strip Quilts

Pattern Category 5: Realistic
Empty Baskets, Baskets with Appliquéd Contents, Baskets Full of Triangles (and Squares), Baskets Full of Diamonds and Other Shapes, Vases and Miscellaneous Containers, Flowers, Trees with Triangles for Leaves, Trees with Squares and Rectangles for Leaves, Trees with Diamonds and Other Shapes for Leaves, Leaves, Houses and Other Architecture, Airplanes, Boats, Butterflies and Other Insects, Birds, Cats and Other Felines, Other Animals, People, Miscellaneous Subject Matter, Letters

Pattern Category 6: Two and Three Blocks
One Block is a Checkerboard Grid, Neither Block is a Checkerboard Grid, Three Blocks

Pattern Category 7: Sash and Block
Plain Blocks with Pieced Sashing, Pieced Blocks with Pieced Sashing

Pattern Category 8: Four Patch
Squares and Rectangles Only, Sixteen Squares, Thirty-Six Squares, Sixty-Four Squares, Blocks with a Square in Each Patch, Like Lattice, Diamond in Four Patch, Block is a Star, Like Block Island Puzzle, With Pinwheels, Like Hour Glass, Like English Ivy, Like Dutchman's Puzzle, Miscellaneous Pinwheel Types, Miscellaneous Sawtooth Types, Like Attic Window, Like Flying Geese, Asymmetrical Four Patch, Unequal Four Patch, Miscellaneous Four Patch, Like Drunkard's Path, Four Patch with Curves

Pattern Category 9: Equal Nine Patch
Block is Squares and/or Rectangles, Like 54-40 or Fight, Like Ohio Star, Like Shoo Fly, Like Eccentric Star or The Spool, Like Double Hour Glass, Like Hour Glass, Like Santa Fe, Like Rolling Stone, Asymmetrical Blocks, Miscellaneous Equal Nine Patch Blocks, Nine Patch Blocks with Curves

Pattern Category 10: Unequal Nine Patch with Small Center Square
Twenty-Five Squares, Patches are Squares and Rectangles, Like Duck and Ducklings, Blocks with Unpieced Bars, Other Types of Blocks, Blocks with Curves

Pattern Category 11: Unequal Nine Patch with Large Center Square
Blocks with Unpieced Corners, Blocks with Squares and Rectangles in Corners, Like Puss in the Corner, Like Sawtooth or Lone Star, Other Types of Blocks, Blocks with Curved Seams, Feathered Stars

Pattern Category 12: One Patch - Square

Pattern Category 13: Four X
Four X with No Curves, Four X with Curves

Pattern Category 14: Square in a Square
Blocks with Unpieced Corners, Blocks with Unpieced Center Square, Center Square Pieced of Squares and Rectangles, Like Jewel, Like Royal Star Quilt, Like Mosaic #1, Like Corn and Beans, Blocks with Curves, Like Colonial Bow Tie, Like World Without End, Like the Radio Windmill, Like Log Cabin, Like Spool, Like the Wishing Ring, Like Pineapple, Like Shadow Box, Like Windows and Doors, Like Virginia Snowball, Like Pincushion

Pattern Category 15: Maltese Cross
Like Starry Night or Kaleidoscope, Like Four Petals, Like Spider Web, Miscellaneous Maltese Cross

Pattern Category 16: Nine X
Like Double Cross, Like Boy's Nonsense, Like Aunt Eliza's Star, Like an X, Like T Square, Like Tallahassee Quilt Block, Like The Priscilla, Like Maltese Cross, Like Double Z, Like Garden Maze, Like Dogtooth Violet, Like Mother's Choice, Like Cobblestones, Like Domino, Like Flowering Snowball, Like Idaho, Miscellaneous Nine X Blocks

Pattern Category 17: Two-Patch Patterns
Equal Diagonal Division. Unequal Diagonal Division, Horizontal or Vertical Division

Pattern Category 18: Three-Patch Patterns
Horizontal or Vertical Division, Diagonal Division, Off-Center Diagonal Construction, Like Amber Waves

Pattern Category 19: Fans
Single Fans with a Smooth Edge, Single Fans with Scalloped Edges, Single Fans with Other Edges, Single Fans Like Harvest Sun, Double Fans, Miscellaneous Fans, Sets of Fans

Pattern Category 20: Wheels
Center Circle with Spokes, Center Circle with Spirals, Center Circle with Four Identical Radiating Petals, Center Circle with Six Identical Radiating Petals, Center Circle with Eight Identical Radiating Petals, Center Circle with More than Eight Petals, Miscellaneous Center Circle Blocks, Curved Seams Meet in Center, Intersecting Curved Lines, Intersecting Straight Lines, Square in Center, Hexagon or Octagon in Center, Like Dresden Plate, Odd Curved Shape in Center

Pattern Category 21: Five- and Six-Pointed Star Blocks
Five-Pointed Stars, Six-Pointed Stars

Pattern Category 22: Eight-Pointed or 45° Diamond Stars
Single Stars, Star Off Center, Center Star is Made Up of Odd Pieces, Star Made Up of Many Diamonds, Star Surrounded by Parts of Other Stars, Star Inside Another Star, Star Surrounded by Other Shapes, Stars with Points Oriented Up and Down

Pattern Category 23: Other Stars
Multiple Stars,Star has Eight Equal/Wide Points, Wide Points Oriented Up and Down, Wide Points Oriented Left and Right, Odd Eight-Pointed Stars, Long Diamonds. Points are Triangles or Other Shapes

Pattern Category 24: Whole-Top Designs

Pattern Category 25: Miscellaneous
With Diamonds, With Curves, With Six-Sided Pieces, Asymmetrical or Off-Center Blocks, With Octagonal Shapes, Interlocking Horizontals and Verticals, Intersecting Lines in the Center, Square in the Center, Truly Miscellaneous

References, Block Contributors, Alphabetical Index of Pattern Names

About the Author

Barbara Brackman is a quilt historian and author from Kansas, USA. She’s been fascinated by quilt patterns for over 40 years and could not rest until she’d indexed more than 4,000 pieced patterns for her Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. She was inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame of Marion, Indiana in 2001 and is a founding member of the American Quilt Study Group.

Barbara writes regularly about quilt history and patterns on her blog Material Culture found at barbarabrackman.blogspot.com.

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