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Microsoft Teams For Dummies, 2nd Edition


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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 2

Beyond the Book 3

Where to Go from Here 3

Part 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams 5

Chapter 1: Getting Up and Running with Microsoft Teams 7

Wrapping Your Head Around Microsoft Teams 8

Getting Familiar with Teams Terminology 10

Getting Started with the Teams App 11

Getting Teams for free 11

Getting Teams through Microsoft 365 14

Chapter 2: Navigating Microsoft Teams 17

Downloading, Installing, and Opening Teams 17

Taking a Quick Spin Around Teams 22

Activity 22

Chat 23

Teams 23

Calendar 24

Calls 24

Files 26

Using Teams Across Many Devices and Platforms 26

Using Teams to Organize Your Life 27

Chapter 3: Starting Your First Team and Managing Settings 29

Creating a New Team 29

Inviting People to Your Team 35

Managing Your Team Settings 37

Managing User Settings 40

General 42

Privacy 43

Notifications 43

Devices 44

Permissions 44

Calls 44

Part 2: Exploring Chat, Teams, Channels, and Apps 45

Chapter 4: Staying Connected to Others with Channels and Chat 47

Instant Messaging in Teams 48

Sending Messages in Channels 49

Creating a New Channel 51

Configuring a Channel 54

Adding Moderators 57

Moving from a Channel to a Chat 58

Starting a private chat 59

Adding multiple people to a chat 60

Giving a chat a title 61

Pinning a chat to the top of the list 62

Sending More than Text When Chatting 62

Adding emojis, GIFs, and stickers 63

Adding a file 64

Reacting to chat messages 66

Chapter 5: Extending Teams with Apps, Bots, and Connectors 67

Discovering Apps Already Installed 68

The Files tab 68

The Wiki tab 69

Browsing and Adding Apps 70

Exploring Popular Apps 74

Popular apps from Microsoft 74

Popular apps from third-party companies 78

Integrating Teams with Microsoft Power Platform 80

Power BI 81

Power Apps 81

Power Automate 82

Power Virtual Agents 82

Setting Permissions for Apps 83

Getting Chatty with Bots 84

Chapter 6: Unshackling Yourself with the Teams Mobile App 85

Installing the Teams Mobile App 86

Installing on iOS 86

Installing on Android 86

Finding Your Way Around the Teams Mobile App 89

Tapping Your Way through Teams 92

Interacting with messages 93

Getting used to navigation 94

Organizing Your Home Life 95

Using the mobile app for chatting 96

Using the mobile app for calling 97

Sharing files with contacts or groups 98

Planning events 99

Sharing your location 100

Chapter 7: Working with People Outside Your Organization 103

Understanding How Teams Works with People Outside Your Organization 104

Working with Guest Users 105

Enabling guest access 105

Configuring guest settings 106

Inviting guests to the team 108

Understanding the guest user experience 112

Setting permissions for guest users at the team level 112

Interacting with External Users 114

Chapter 8: Taming the Noise and Staying Focused. 117

Embracing the Activity Feed 118

Hiding and Showing Teams and Channels 119

Filtering by Team or Channel 121

Changing the Order of Teams in Your List 122

Muting Channels to Decrease Notifications 122

Tracking Important Activity with Custom Notifications 124

Searching for Past Conversations 124

Getting Creative with Search and Hashtags 125

Part 3: Staying in Sync with Meetings And Conferencing 127

Chapter 9: Working Remotely: Embracing Teams to Make Meetings Better 129

Getting Up to Speed with Teams Meetings 130

Viewing Your Calendar in Teams 131

Creating a New Meeting and Inviting People 132

Joining an Existing Meeting 136

Using Teams for Conference Calls 137

Connecting with Video 138

Breaking Out into Breakout Rooms 141

Getting Together with Together Mode 146

Enabling Together Mode 147

Using Together Mode in your meetings 147

What Are Live Events? 148

Chapter 10: Bringing Teams into the Physical World 151

Discovering How Teams Is More Than Software 152

Going Hands Free with Teams 153

Getting Visual with Cameras 154

Using Desktop Phones for Teams 155

Turning a Conference Room into a Teams Room 156

Part 4: Taking Communication to the Next Level with Voice 159

Chapter 11: Making and Receiving Calls 161

Making Phone Calls in Teams 161

Calling another Teams user 162

Finding the Calls dashboard 163

Receiving a Call in Teams 165

Using Teams with Phone Numbers 165

Adding Phone Numbers to Teams 167

Obtaining a license and dial plan 167

Signing up for a new phone number 169

Assigning a phone number to a Teams user 172

Bringing an existing phone number to Teams 173

Unassigning or changing the phone number assigned to a user 175

Setting Up a Teams Phone 176

Chapter 12: Letting Teams Be Your Personal Operator 177

Setting Up Audio Devices in Teams 178

Customizing How You Receive Calls 181

Restricting Calls with Do Not Disturb 182

Delegating Access to Others 183

Digging into Modern Voicemail 185

Understanding Phone Number Types 187

Taking calls in an orderly fashion with call queues 188

Routing callers with auto attendants 190

Part 5: Becoming a Microsoft Teams Administrator 193

Chapter 13: Getting to Know the Teams Admin Center 195

Finding and Signing In to the Teams Admin Center 196

Getting Familiar with the Teams Admin Center 198

Adding New Users to Microsoft 365 and Teams 202

Managing Teams Users 204

Chapter 14: Digging into Teams Administration 207

Configuring Teams 208

Making Configuration Changes for Meetings 209

Conference bridges 210

Meeting policies 210

Meeting settings 211

Live events policies 211

Live events settings 212

Adjusting Settings for the Entire Organization 212

Identifying Locations of Offices and Buildings 213

Adding Default Teams Apps 214

Setting Policies for Chat and Channels 217

Managing Devices for Your Organization 218

Part 6: Molding Teams to Fit Your Unique Organization 219

Chapter 15: Using Teams in Small and Medium-Sized Organizations 221

Focusing on the Internet 222

Understanding How Teams Fits Your Organization 223

Keeping it simple (1 or 2 people) 224

Taking your organization to the next level (2 to 25 people) 226

Growing large (25 to 250 people) 227

Chapter 16: Unleashing Features Designed for Large Enterprises 229

Managing Large Numbers of Teams 230

Archiving a team 232

Deleting a team 235

Bringing in the Network Engineers 235

Dividing and Conquering with Fine-Tuned Admin Roles 237

Creating a Policy to Retain or Delete Content 238

Exploring Enterprise Voice Features 240

Reporting and Analytics 241

Upgrading from Skype for Business to Teams 243

Getting Help from the Experts 243

Chapter 17: Learning How Teams Embraces Industry-Specific Needs 245

Getting the Most from Teams for Education 246

Creating a team from a class list 246

Using Insights to assess student engagement 247

Using FlipGrid 248

Using Teams in Government Agencies 249

Leveraging Teams for Consulting and Service-Based Companies 250

Empowering Healthcare Providers 250

Modernizing Retail Stores 251

Tapping into Teams for Firstline Workers 252

Part 7: the Part of Tens 255

Chapter 18: Ten Tips for Better Teams Meetings 257

Chatting During a Meeting 257

Capturing a Meeting with a Recording 258

Keeping Noise Under Control with Mute 260

Blurring Your Background 261

Taking Notes 263

Using a Whiteboard 265

Sharing Your Screen 267

Taking Control of Someone Else’s Screen 268

Organizing Teams to Fit Your Meeting Needs 269

Using Teams While a Meeting Is in Progress 269

Chapter 19: Ten Teams Apps Worth Discovering 271

Microsoft Office 271

Task Management 272

Design 273

Customer Service 274

Development 275

Education 276

Social Media 277

Survey 277

Marketing 278

Miscellaneous 278

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Learn More About Teams 281

Get Information Directly from Microsoft 281

Enroll in an Online Class 283

Keep Up with Experts 284

Attend User Groups and Meetups 285

Get Certified 286

Subscribe to the Microsoft Teams Podcast 286

Attend the Microsoft Ignite Conference 287

Get Updates in Your Inbox 288

Discover the Microsoft Teams Roadmap 289

Continue Learning with Rosemarie (Your Author) 290

Index 293

About the Author

Rosemarie Withee is a technology professional and the author of the latest editions of Office 365 For Dummies and Sharepoint For Dummies, as well as the first edition of Microsoft Teams For Dummies.

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