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Narrative of the Incas

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Table of Contents

  • List of Maps and Figures
  • Introduction: Juan de Betanzos and Inca Traditions
  • Note on the Translation
  • Measurements
  • Preface
  • Prologue
  • Part One
    • I. Contiti Viracocha, the Creator
    • II. The Creation of the People and the Departure of Contiti Viracocha
    • III. Cuzco and the Creation of the Noble Class
    • IV. Ayar Manco Settles in Cuzco
    • V. From Manco Inca to Viracocha Inca
    • VI. Viracocha Surrenders to Uscovilca
    • VII. Yupanque Decides to Resist
    • VIII Yupanque Defeats Uscovilca
    • IX. Yupanque Offers the Victory to His Father
    • X. Yupanque Divides the Spoils
    • XI. Yupanque Builds the Temple of the Sun
    • XII. Yupanque Consolidates the Empire
    • XIII. Division of Cuzco and the Marriage of the Single Men
    • XIV. The Creation of the Warrior Class
    • XV. Yupanque Creates the Calendar and the Feasts
    • XVI. Yupanque Rebuilds Cuzco
    • XVII. The Death of Viracocha Inca
    • XVIII Yupanque's Conquests
    • XIX. Yupanque Defeats the Soras
    • XX. Yupanque Conquers Collasuyo
    • XXI. Yupanque Creates Laws for Cuzco
    • XXII Yupanque Provisions His Realm
    • XXIII. Life of the Inca Yupanque
    • XXIV. Yupanque Sends His Sons to Conquer Chinchasuyo
    • XXV. Yamque Yupanque Returns from the Wars
    • XXVI. The Birth of Huayna Capac
    • XXVII. Topa Inca
    • XXVIII Topa Inca Conquers Andesuyo
    • XXIX. Yupanque Divides His Property
    • XXX. Yupanque Ordains Certain Ceremonies
    • XXXI. Yupanque Arranges His Funeral
    • XXXII The Death of Yupanque
    • XXXIII. Topa Inca Puts Down a Rebellion
    • XXXIV. Topa Inca Names the Governors of the Provinces
    • XXXV. Topa Inca Defeats His Enemies and Goes to Chile
    • XXXVI. Topa Inca Returns to Cuzco; the Death of Yamque Yupanque
    • XXXVII. Topa Inca Builds the Fortress of Cuzco
    • XXXVIII Topa Inca Builds Chinchero
    • XXXIX. The Death of Topa Inca
    • XL. Huayna Capac Sends Out Inspectors
    • XLI. Huayna Capac Reorganizes the Empire
    • XLII. Huayna Capac's Inspection of the Region around Cuzco
    • XLIII. Huayna Capac Builds Monuments
    • XLIV. Huayna Capac Learns of His Mother's Death
    • XLV. The Birth of Atahualpa and Huascar
    • XLVI. The Birth of Cuxi Yupanque
    • XLVII. The Birth of Doña Angelina
    • XLVIII. Huayna Capac Dies in Quito
  • Part Two
    • I. Huascar Is Named Inca
    • II. Atahualpa Sends Gifts to Huascar
    • III. Huascar Sends Hango Against Atahualpa
    • IV. Hango's Defeat and Death
    • V. Atahualpa Punishes the Cañares
    • VI. Atahualpa Accepts the Royal Fringe
    • VII. Atabualpa's Victories over Huascar
    • VIII. Chalcochima and Quizquiz Achieve Victory
    • IX. The Inca Atahualpa Leaves Quito
    • X. Atahualpa Punishes the Yungas
    • XI. The Defeat of Huascar's Forces
    • XII. Huascar Raises an Army in Cuzco
    • XIII. Initial Victory for Huascar
    • XIV. Huascar's Capture
    • XV. Chalcochima Defeats Huascar's Army
    • XVI. Atahualpa Destroys the Guaca at Guamacbuco
    • XVII. Atahualpa Learns of Pizarro's Arrival
    • XVIII. Quizquiz and Chalcochima Enter Cuzco
    • XIX. Cuxi Yupanque Punishes Atahualpa's Enemies in Cuzco
    • XX. Pizarro Sends a Messenger to Atahualpa
    • XXI. Pizarro Arrives at Cajamarca
    • XXII Pizarro Awaits Atahualpa
    • XXIII. Atahualpa's Capture
    • XXIV. Huascar's Death
    • XXV. Pizarro Sends Three Spaniards to Cuzco
    • XXVI. Atahualpa's Death
    • XXVII. Pizarro Names Topa Gualpa As Inca
    • XXVIII. Pizarro Names Manco As Inca
    • XXIX. Manco Inca and Vilaoma Plot a Rebellion
    • XXX. Manco Inca Escapes from Hernando Pizarro
    • XXXI. Manco Inca Lays Siege to Cuzco
    • XXXII. Manco Inca's Death
    • XXXIII. Saire Topa Is Named Inca
    • XXXIV. Juan de Betanzos Meets with Viceroy Hurtado de Mendoza
  • Notes
  • Glossary
  • Index

Promotional Information

"Betanzos was probably the only chronicler who understood the real nature of the Inca political system... He has a marvelous story to tell, especially about the Spanish conquest from the Inca point of view." -- R. Tom Zuidema, author of Inca Civilization in Cuzco

About the Author

Roland Hamilton is Professor of Spanish at San Jose State University. Dana Buchanan is a professional translator.


For over 400 years, de Betanzos’s work was known only in an 18-chapter fragment, but recently the translators of this volume have discovered the complete manuscript. Their translation and compilation of several old variants provides the most accurate and intelligible version available of de Betanzos’s narrative. . . . This translation is a triumph of historical scholarship and a treasure for scholars . . . .
*Library Journal*

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