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Physics of Radiology


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* Introduction* Introduction to Medical Imaging*-Sketches of the ImagingModalities*-X-Ray Imaging I:Overview of Film Radiography* Appendix: The Roleof Medical Physics in an Imaging Department* Scientific and TechnicalBasis* Radiation and Matter*-Mass, Motion, and Force* Appendix:Functions*-Electric Fields and Accelerating Electrons*-Magnetic Fields andElectromagnetic Waves* Appendix: Periodic Functions*-The Inviolate Rule of EnergyConservation*-Atoms and Photons*-Matter: Gases and Liquids, Metals,Superconductors, Insulators, and Semiconductors*-Resistors, Transistors, and All That:* An Introduction to Electronic Circuits* Appendix: Exponential and LogarithmicFunctions* Scientific Foundations for the Various Modalities*-Ultrasound ImagingI: Reflections of Acoustic Waves in Elastic Tissues*-Magnetic Resonance Imaging I: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Stable Hydrogen Nuclei in the Water Molecules of Tissues*-Gamma Ray Imaging I: Harnessing Radioactive Decay* Appendix: Derivativesof Functions*-X-ray Imaging II: Interaction of High-Energy Photons with AtomicElectrons* Appendix: Probability*-Radiation Dose I: The Detection and Quantificationof Ionizing Radiation*-X-ray Imaging III: Mapping Images on Film*-A Synthesis:Radioactive Decay, X-Ray Beam Attenuation, Nuclear Spin Relaxation, Cell Killing with Radiation, and other Poisson Processes* Analog and Digital Image Information*-ImageQuality: Contrast, Resolution, and Noise - Primary Determinants of the Diagnostic Utility of anImage* Appendix: Statistics*-Measures of Image Quality and of Imaging SystemCapabilities: PSF, MTF, DQE, ETC.*-The Psychophysics of Optical Images*-VacuumTube and Solid-State Optical Cameras and Displays*-Digital Representation of anImage* Appendix: Computer Basics and a Bit about Bytes*-PACS, IMACS, and the Integrated Digital Department* Analog Radiographic and FluoroscopicImaging* X-Ray Imaging IV: Creation of an X-Ray Beam*-The Nuts and Bolts of X-Ray Generators*-Design of an X-Ray Tube*-Transforming Electron Kinetic Energy int Bremsstrahlung and Characteristic X-Ray Energy* X-Ray Imaging V: Capturing the X-RayImage on Film*-Creating the Primary X-Ray Image Within the Body*-Scatter Radiation,Grids, Gaps, and Contrast*-Capturing the Primary X-Ray Image with Cassette andFilm*-Resolution and Magnification*-Optimal Technique Factors*-Radiographic Quality Assurance*-Screen-Film Mammography*-Some Infrequently Used Screen-Film Techniques* X-Ray Imaging VI: Fluoroscopy-Following Time-Dependent Processes with FluoroscopyDigital Imaging* X-Ray Imaging VII: Digital X-Ray Imaging-Digital Radiography, Computed Radiography, and Flat-Panel X-RayTechnology*-Digital Fluoroscopy and Digital Subtraction Angiography*-ComputedTomography I: Creating a Map of CT Numbers*-Computed Tomography II: ImageReconstruction, Image Quality, and Dose*-Computed Tomography III: Spiral and Multi-Slice Scanning* Gamma Ray Imaging*-Gamma Ray Imaging II: RadiopharmaceuticalsAppendix: Radioactive Transformations*-Gamma Ray Imaging III: Image Production, Image Quality, and Dose*-Gamma Ray Imaging IV: NuclearCardiology, SPECT, and PET* Magnetic Resonance Imaging*-Magnetic ResonanceImaging II: The Classical View of NMR*-Magnetic Resonance Imaging III: RelaxationTimes (T1 and T2), Pulse Sequences, and Contrast*-Magnetic Resonance Imaging IV: ImageReconstruction and Image Quality*-Magnetic Resonance Imaging V: Fast, Flow, andFunctional Imaging*-Magnetic Resonance VI: Biological Effects and Safety* UltrasoundImaging*-Ultrasound Imaging II: Creating the Beam*-Ultrasound Imaging III: ImageProduction and Image Quality*-Ultrasound Imaging IV: Biological Effects andSafety* Experimental and Future Imaging Technologies*-Evolving and Experimental Technologies in Medical Imaging* Radiation Dose, Biological Effects, Risk, and Radiation Safety* Ionizing Radiation Dose, Biological Effects, and Risk*-RadiationDose II: Determining Organ Doses from Exposure Measurements*-Radiation Dose III: The Tissue f-Factor, Tissue-Air Ratios, etc.*-Radiation Dose IV: RadiobiologicalProcesses and Effects*-Radiation Dose V: Probabilities of Occurence of Stochastic HealthEffects* Appendix: On talking with People about Radiation (and Other)Risks*-Radiation Oncology and the Role of Imaging in Treatment Planning* Radiation Safety and Emergency Response*-Practical Radiation Safety for IonizingRadiation*-Rems, Risks, and Regs: The Legal Basis for Radiation ProtectionStandards*-Response to a Major Radiological Emergency* Solutions to the Exercises* References* Some Symbols and Units* Index

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