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The Untold Story of Jesus


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Table of Contents

13 The Early Years
14 Gabriel's Announcement to Mary
14 Joseph's Dream
16 Joseph and Mary
17 The Trip to Bethlehem for the Census
20 The Birth of Jesus
20 The Presentation in the Temple
22 The Escape from Herod
24 Sojourn in Alexandria
25 Back in Nazareth
26 Life in Nazareth, Ages Four to Five
27 Life in Nazareth, Ages Six to Seven
28 School Days
29 The Invitation to Jerusalem
32 Trouble at School
34 Sabbath Walks with Joseph
36 The Journey with Joseph to Scythopolis
37 The Twelfth Year
38 The Trip to Jerusalem
40 Young Jesus Teaching in the Temple
43 Mary and Joseph Find Jesus
47 Jesus Raises His Father's Family
48 The Death of Joseph
48 The Son of Man
49 The Financial Struggle
51 Head-of-Household
53 Jesus' Siblings
54 Rebecca's Lifelong Love
56 Jesus and Romantic Love
57 The Visit with Lazarus, Martha, and Mary
58 Summary of Ages Twenty-one to Twenty-five
59 James Installed as Head of the Family
60 Jesus Leaves His Family
62 Meeting the Wealthy Travelers from India
65 The Tour of the
Mediterranean World
66 Embarking from Caesarea
70 The Lighthouse at Alexandria
70 The Alexandrian Library
72 The Young Man Who Was Afraid
74 The Sojourn at Rome
76 The Thoughtless Pagan
77 The Return from Rome
81 The Two Courtesans
82 Personal Work in Corinth
83 Ministry to Hungry Souls
84 The Conclusion of the Tour
88 The Three Friends Part
91 The Transition Years
92 Managing a Caravan to the Caspian Sea
93 The Urmia Lectures
94 The Year of Solitary Wanderings
97 The "Great Temptation"
99 Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia, and the Rebellion
99 The Time of Waiting
100 The Baptism in the Jordan
103 John the Baptist
105 The Rugged and Fiery Prophet
107 "My Hour Has Come"
108 Forty Days in the Perean Wilderness
110 The Six Great Decisions
111 Choosing the First Six Apostles
114 The Wedding at Cana
117 Jesus and the Miraculous
119 Introducing the Kingdom of Heaven
120 Choosing the Final Six Apostles
122 Fishers of Men
123 First Work of the Twelve
125 Five Months of Testing
126 The Twelve Apostles
127 Organization of the Apostles
134 The Ordination of the Twelve
137 The Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes
139 Beginning the Public Work
140 Leaving Galilee
140 The Passover at Jerusalem
143 Nicodemus and the Sanhedrin
145 Nalda, the Woman at Jacob's Well
148 The Lord's Prayer
150 What Prayer Meant to Jesus
151 Conference with John's Apostles
153 A Year of Signs and Wonders
154 The Healing at Sundown
157 The Leper at Iron
159 At the Pool of Bethesda
160 The Penitent Woman
162 The Six Jerusalem Spies
163 The Dependable David Zebedee
165 The Kingdom's First Hospital
166 The Man with the Withered Hand
167 Healing the Paralytic
168 The Women's Evangelistic Corps
169 How Jesus Emancipated Women
172 The Ten Women Evangelists
172 The Nazareth Rejection
174 Jairus and His Daughter
177 Feeding the Five Thousand
178 The King-Making Episode
183 The Sifting of the Kingdom
184 The Epochal Sermon
188 Last Days at Capernaum
190 The Hasty Flight
192 Teaching at Tyre
194 Peter's Confession
198 Son of Man, Son of God
199 The Transfiguration
200 Meaning of the Transfiguration
202 The Epileptic Boy
204 Peter's Protest
207 "Before Abraham Was, I Am"
208 Public Acknowledgment of Divinity
210 The Woman Taken in Adultery
213 "I Am the Light of the World"
214 The Visit with Martha and Mary
214 The Rich Young Man
216 The Good Samaritan
218 An Open Challenge to the Sanhedrin
221 The Good Shepherd
223 The Ten Lepers
224 The Sermon at Gerasa
225 The Message from Bethany
228 The Resurrection of Lazarus
229 The Talk About Angels
233 Meeting of the Sanhedrin
234 What Became of Lazarus
235 The Prodigal Son
239 "Make Haste Zaccheus"
241 As Jesus Passed By
243 The Master's Final Days
244 Judas Turns Traitor
246 Behold, Your King Comes As the Lowly One
250 Cleansing the Temple
252 Purging the Den of Robbers
252 Challenging the Master's Authority
254 Tuesday Morning in the Temple
256 The Inquiring Greeks
257 The Last Temple Discourse
261 The Status of Individual Jews
262 Foretelling the Destruction of Jerusalem
266 One Day Alone with God
270 The Last Supper
279 Love One Another Even As I Have Loved You
279 The Last Group Prayer
282 I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life
282 Alone in Gethsemane
287 "It Is Finished"
288 The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
291 Before the Sanhedrin Court
293 The Examination by Annas
294 The Trial Before Pilate
297 Before Herod and the Return to Pilate
302 The Crucifixion
303 The End of Judas Iscariot
309 Meaning of the Death on the Cross
311 "I Am the Resurrection and the Life"
312 The Resurrection
317 The Walk with Two Brothers
319 Appearances to the Apostles
321 Appearance by the Lake
324 The Nineteen Resurrection Appearances
327 The Appearances of the Risen Jesus
329 The Master's Ascension
332 Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth
334 The Significance of Pentecost
338 Conclusion
342 Time Line of the Life of Jesus
Intor to preface

How fitting that the last words of John's gospel should be the first words of this book. The Untold Story of Jesus highlights his life and teachings in a biography excerpted from The Urantia Book. Many of these historical stories are familiar to readers of the New Testament but dozens are new, including the missing years not found in the Bible. Here you discover Jesus presented as never before, both as divine Son and human hero whose matchless life inspires, comforts, and transforms you.

This new book provides relevant and empowering spiritual insights, helping you navigate the challenging yet promising conditions of the 21st century. We live in an exciting era of unprecedented improvements in our material lives brought about by scientific, industrial, and social achievements. Yet in spite of all this progress, many souls feel lonely and displaced. We need God and have an innate thirst for spiritual answers because of that "still, small voice" that lives within us. Finding God by living the personal religion of Jesus satisfies that thirst.

The religion of Jesus is based on faith, love, and selfless service. His pure and original message of unending life through faith in our heavenly Father is the spiritual birthright of every man, woman, and child of every nation, race, religion, and economic status. The teachings of Jesus stand apart from any religious, political, or social institution. The religion of Jesus, distinct from the theological religion about Jesus, holds the key to happiness and productive living. His spirit invigorates the inner life and provides power from above to transform people who then go out to transform society. The brotherhood of men is founded on the fatherhood of God. The family of God is derived from the love of God-God is love. God the Father divinely loves his children, all of them.

The Art in this Book

The one hundred and six paintings in this book run the gamut of fine art celebrating the life of Jesus. Here you will find both classic and modern paintings by many renowned Christian artists. You will also see many newly commissioned paintings for the first time. Thirty-five artists poured their souls into these portraits of higher spiritual reality. Our deep appreciation and humble gratitude goes out to each one of them.

These paintings illustrate Jesus' life journey from his humble birth and childhood to adolescence and manhood; from private to public ministry and on to his death, resurrection, and ascension. The artwork celebrates his diverse life as son, father-brother, carpenter, boatbuilder, tutor, translator, caravan conductor, teacher, healer, minister, and friend. No one knows what Jesus looked like, but these artists painted their soulful interpretations to spark our imagination of these scenes from the Master's life. Our intent is to give you a visual communion with Jesus that complements the enthralling narrative.

About The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book was first published in 1955 and contains four parts. The first three parts present an expansive new revelation of God, the cosmos, the afterlife, angels and the heavenly hosts, world history, and much more. The fourth part is a restatement of the life and teachings of Jesus. This narrative sometimes uses unfamiliar names or terminologies, which are defined in the glossary on page 346.

The search for the genuine Jesus continues to intrigue humanity. Since the Bible only records an estimated fifty days in his life, it follows that there is more to his story. You will find it here in this detailed history of the Master's entire life, including the public ministry recorded in the Gospels. It is beautifully written in modern, page-turning prose. It provides a coherent and seamless biography of this magnificent personality who continues to shape spiritual progress in our world.

While we have captured many fascinating stories and noble teachings, our highlights represent less than a third of Part IV of The Urantia Book. Condensing the life and teachings of Jesus into these pages is like trying to illuminate the sun by lighting a candle. We encourage you to read the original source.

The story of Jesus is one of the most enthralling chapters in human history. The closing passage of John's gospel speaks to a life larger than even the world itself. In John's day the Word was made flesh. In these days the Word is made book.

A Final Thought

We pray that these stories, teachings, and paintings provide you with a new sense of faith, comfort, and purpose. And to you who may not believe in Jesus, we ask you to look again. Read the stories, enjoy the art, and get to know the man through new eyes.

What the world needs now is unconditional love, unfailing compassion and matchless good will. Even after two thousand years, Jesus' teachings have not been practiced on a global scale. When that day comes, his inspired life will transform, transfigure, and rule this world. His message of personal faith in a loving heavenly Father coupled with unselfish service to one another is a clear and direct pathway to peace in this life and passage to the next. May you be blessed by the supreme adventure that follows!

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